Monday, September 19, 2011

New Season, New Blog

Well, I've decided to attempt to blog our journey here at home while Matt is having his journey in Africa and after some prayer I decided it was time for a new blog. If you feel so inclined, come join me at  to see our updates as random as they may be.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


So for those of you who may actually look at my blog you have clearly noticed that I have not been blogging once a week or even once a month for that matter.  My priorities have actually been somewhat straight so blogging has been pushed way down on the list, my apologies, well not really.  God has not only brought me to a place where I enjoy my children in the midst of the times when I'm pulling my hair out but also being more than content being a stay at home mom and stay at home wife.  Now I have not nearly arrived at the place I need to be and for sure have not arrived at the place I want to be but I'm on the infamous yellow brick road if you will.  I've learned a lot and have put little of it to action to date but change doesn't happen overnight, especially in a family with three strong willed children, two stubborn dogs, and two noisy guinea pigs. (Notice I didn't mention the "C" word, you know the place Matt works)  My family has grown, not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. For example, our two goals, not resolutions, as a family for the new year are to purposefully use our quiet voices at all times, especially when we are upset, angry or super excited and to read through the Bible as a family this year.

Now you may be thinking the first is a bit goofy but for anyone with children you know how loud it can get at any given moment and for anyone who has met my Noah, you know he came out hollering and I have a tendency to holler back which none of us enjoy, so today has begun the end of the loudness. The second may seem a bit over zealous to some but it is something we have wanted to do for a long time and now IS the time. We made a trip to Mardel about a week ago and purchased a shiny new One Year Bible just for the occasion.  Tonight after dinner we sat on our squares on the rug and amidst the groaning, wiggling, tickling, giggling and occasional questions we made it through the entire portion for January 1st!  At the end I decided to ask the kids what their favorite part of tonight's reading was, their choices were basically from either Gen. 1 (creation) or Matt. 1 (Jesus' birth).  The responses were as follows: Noah- I like that Jesus was born, if that didn't happen we wouldn't be here.
             Joshua- no response, he was pretty grumpy having just been lovingly corrected for hitting his brother
            Hope (in her sweetest, girliest voice)- I like Mary, she was Jesus' mommy

There is something about your youngest child saying her favorite part was Jesus' mommy and then giving you a big hug and kiss and saying I'm glad you're my mommy that just makes everything else melt away.  Those of you that know me and Hopper know that we have our moments, she is a lot like her mother, so times like these help me to remember that not only does God really know what he's doing but that even our Messiah had a mommy that probably wanted to pull her hair out at times in frustration but I imagine she did what I'm learning to do; breathe and take it before the throne, lay it on the altar and know that God has got it covered. Happy New Year 2011.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Noah is 8 and the Kindergarten countdown begins

Eight years ago today at 12:40am Noah Morrison King came into this world.  He was 7lbs 4oz and 19 inches long with a tiny bit of red hair.  Now he is 53 lbs and 4 feet tall!  Third grade, wait did I just say third grade, wow time flies, starts next week. We are excited to meet his teacher this Thursday and to find out next week if his eyesight is any better than before.  This will be the first year that he will have 504 services so we hoping and expecting an excellent year!

Joshua is starting Kindergarten this year and that just doesn't seem possible to me at all.  Of course everyone knows he is my cuddle bug so yes it is a bit harder for me to take him to school especially since he has been less than thrilled at the idea.  The last couple of weeks he has slowly warmed up to the idea and has said he's excited to see his classroom and meet his teacher this week, so far so good.  In true King boy fashion he chose a Buzz Lightyear backpack for Kindergarten, just like his brother did.  Looks like this year I will be joining the boo hoo crowd at the "Boo Hoo, Ya Hoo" breakfast for Kindergarten parents.  Noah was so excited to go that is was "whoo hoo" when he went, plus I had two babies at home at the time. This time it is more bitter than sweet as #2 of 3 heads to school and knowing that Hope starts next year. Then what will I do......

Oh, and I can not forget Miss Pre-K! Hope is super excited to go to pre-k at mother's day out this year. She had to have a new "big girl" backpack, lunch box, and clothes of course! She is turning into such a big girl so fast, and did I mention that she can already write her name, spell it in English and ASL, and she is learning to read.  Not bragging, just amazed at the difference between the boys and Hopper.  I'm not looking forward to her diva days but I am in expectation of lots of mommy/daughter time which is new for me and includes one of my favorite things; lots of reading!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Slacking on the blogging

As anyone who might actually read my blog has noticed, I've been slacking on the blogging, a lot.  My hope is that in the weeks to come that I will blog weekly to record events, vent about things, and essentially rant about life, the ups and the downs. I've decided that I need an outlet so I'm going to attempt to use my blog as such, and possibly in the process create something for my kiddos to read when they are older. So, until next time.....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The times they are a changin'.....

So it's taken me over two months to post the much promised updates so I hope that someone out there will read this to help keep in touch with us since anyone who is or has ever been close to Matt and I know that we are not good at staying in touch to say the least. Life has changed a lot the last six months in more ways than I can even recount in any length of posting so I will summarize as best I can.
HOME: We began remodeling what seems like decades ago and are almost done, a post just for that will be coming soon with pictures of my lovely home that now reflects me and my family, hooray! People warned us that remodeling is a know marriage breaker but not for us, not to say there weren't times we would have loved to pop each others' heads off. (I say that in love of course) All in all it has been an experience that none will soon forget, or possibly want to remember depending upon the day you choose to reflect upon.

WORK: Matt has begun looking for a job and I am praying about either finishing my bachelors degree or just forgetting about it and starting to interpret professionally. We are no longer pastoring, by choice in case you were wondering, at this time because we felt like the Lord really wanted us to focus on Him and our family for a season. We've spent so much of the last 3 or so years focusing and helping other people that we haven't done a very good job of taking care of each other and loving on our family first, so now we are shifting.

FAMILY: The kids are getting BIG! Noah is in second grade and doing ok. We recently learned that he has extreme vision problems so we have begun some extensive treatment and he is now wearing glasses. Please pray for him, he doesn't like wearing his glasses but he desperately needs to wear them. He continues to be super energetic and very smart, I find myself saying everyday that if I could harvest just five minutes of his energy I could make millions!

Joshua is going to be five in February and is still our teddy bear. He loves to cuddle and is very caring, especially towards animals, we may have a future vet on our hands. He is still the brute of the bunch with his stocky build and he has learned that he can pin his brother when he wants to, but he usually likes to use his strength to tackle anyone that might be hurting or tickling Mommy or Faithie.

Hope is still petite but has gotten tall and lanky like her big brother Noah. Don't let her size fool you though, she has got a HUGE personality! She is a full fledged "little mommy" with her baby dolls but also with her brothers, she doesn't hold back to holler "boys, get down here now."

Well, thats all for now. It's getting late and its cold tonight so my fingers are getting a bit frozen. I will attempt to update more regularly now that things seem to be slowing down here at the King household. (all pics are from our recent trip to Colorado, I'll post more later)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reunion 2009

Here are some pics from our week in Arizona for reunion. Enjoy!

Matt & I at the zoo in Prescott watching the kids play on the playground.

Hope & Daddy having a nap at the park.

Cutest luggage ever!

The whole crew on Thumb Butte in the Prescott National Forest.

The boys on their first horseback ride, at Orme of course!